Arman Khan proves that hard work and diligence is the key to success

Arman Khan proves that hard work and diligence is the key to success

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People often dream of achieving big in life but often fail either due to a lack of confidence, effort, or consistency. Here is an inspiring story of a person who diligently worked for many years in order to fulfil his dream. He proved that the right amount of energy and efforts in the right direction will always prove fruitful.

Arman Khan comes from a humble Afghan family and was raised in Pakistan. Growing up, he had multiple career aspirations which included becoming an actor, VFX designer, farmer, or casting director. But destiny had other plans: in fact, better plans!

Let’s rewind to his college days

Arman Khan and his family migrated to the UK, and he got not one, but two degrees in the media field! His first degree was in Cinematography, Game development and Animation, and he specialized in VFX design. He completed another media course from Raindance film academy.

During his college days, he preferred long-term career goals over short-term pleasures like hanging out with friends or going to parties. His hard work and focus have gifted him a successful career!

A deep dive into his profession

Life was not easy for Arman Khan career-wise. After graduating from his art college, he joined internships and took up small job roles like camera assistant, etc. He even took up odd jobs as a waiter, etc. to get additional financial help.

But these setbacks did not bother Arman Khan, and he never failed to dream big. He achieved great success within a short span of three years solely because of his hard work and zeal.

He was posted as the assistant casting director for some notable movies like Azhar, Rustom, LoveShudda, Welcome 2 Karachi, and many more. He was later promoted to the role of casting director!

He is highly admired for his cinematography skills. The secret behind his great skills is not only his two degrees but also his keen desire to take lessons from his life experiences! He maintains a perfect balance between creative, technical, and analytical knowledge and thus creating the best films!

He launched a film called Quickie in 2018 and acted as Cinematographer, sound designer, and VFX designer for the movie. He also contributed his VFX and sound design skills to a documentary named: The New Arrivals.

Many would have heard of a recent film called “Mimi” starring the gorgeous Kriti Sanon and multi-talented Pankaj Tripathy. A one day shoot was organised in the UK and all the scenes were shot on the green screen. Arman Khan contributed his cinematography skills to this movie!

Along with a career in the film making industry, he is also perfectly juggling two other job roles: one as a teacher and the other as a businessman. He shares his cinematography and other film-making skills with aspiring creators. He has also started a business called “Picturental” which rents out services and equipment needed for any films or projects.

He advises youngsters following in his footsteps to follow their hearts and not rush behind money. He urges young creators to put heart and soul into any project and assures that success will come knocking on their doors if they invest in hard work.

A sneak peek into his present

He has achieved many milestones and has become a renowned cinematographer. He is offered many huge projects but he is not in a rush to work only for the sake of money. He wants to choose projects that spread social awareness and will have a positive impact on society.

He is currently creating an engaging screenplay for a true story based on the fights between Ghabizai and Ahmadzai Tribe. He also confirmed that he would love to stay in this job role forever as he feels that there is no better job than this. This last statement definitely comes as a sigh of relief for his fans!



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