Apple’s pigtailed Asian employee photo triggers social media ‘outrage’

Apple’s pigtailed Asian employee photo triggers social media ‘outrage’

A photo of an Asian Apple Watch specialist sporting a “pigtail” on an Apple website has triggered selective outrage from some unknown number of social media users (likely, as usual, an extremely small, yet extremely vocal handful of people) who accuse Apple of “cultural insensitivity.”
Apple Watch Specialist

Yes, Apple Inc., the woke poster child for first identifying race, tallying it all up on some internal equity scorecard, and then portraying minorities — in many cases, extreme minorities — as super majorities in every bit of their marketing in the U.S. and around the world in the name of “inclusivity.” That Apple.

The Straits Times:

The topic began trending on Sunday on Chinese microblogging site Weibo after a video singling out for attack the generic visual of an Apple Watch specialist, who appears to be Asian and is sporting a single braid, went viral on video-sharing site Bilibili.

The video incorrectly claimed that Apple assigns customer specialists with pigtails to service the Chinese market.

Some netizens were swift to blame the American tech company for taunting Chinese consumers, as the pigtail, or queue, is a symbol of repression during the Manchu-led Qing imperial rule.

The controversy comes as China is mulling over punishing anyone sporting clothing that “hurt the feelings of the Chinese nation” – a proposal that attracted immediate criticism for being too vague and potentially giving too much power to rank-and-file law enforcement officers.

Some spoke up in defence of Apple, pointing out that the same picture of the customer care employee is used in the company’s other country-specific websites and not just China’s.

An editorial in the official China Daily on Monday cautioned against wanton nationalism and reacting to the slightest perceived provocation.

“While the pigtail is anathema for a Han, one should understand that in many cultures it is natural for men to sport plaits, single or plural, on their heads. It is just a style and those sporting it mean no offence to any other culture,” said the editorial.

MacDailyNews Take: More proof that, no matter how much you make it corporate policy to see skin color first, no matter how much you distort reality in your marketing materials, you can never satisfy the emotionally damaged, perpetually aggrieved Karens of the world who should not be endlessly placated and appeased, but instead told to shut up and grow up, if not simply ignored.

Of course, as we all know by now, any “news story” can be ginned up from picking and choosing a relative handful of “social media” posts to create whatever impression a “media outlet” desires.

Obviously, Apple is the last company on earth that would intentionally use “the wrong image” to “taunt consumers.”
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