Apple’s New AI Model Could Make Siri Less Terrible

Apple’s New AI Model Could Make Siri Less Terrible

Virtual Assistant AI Revival

Let’s be honest, Siri hasn’t been considered a top virtual assistant for quite some time. Google Assistant and Alexa are far and away the go-to solutions for the majority of users, with most Siri users complaining about the effectiveness of the tool at all.

That could change, though. The evolution of AI technology over the last few years is keenly adept at handling conversations, albeit with a few AI errors here and there. If Apple can harness large language model (LLM) technology to bolster Siri, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be able to make an impact, particularly given it’s the only option for the world’s one billion iPhone users.

Siri isn’t the only virtual assistant making a comeback either. Bixby, the virtual assistant from Samsung that was discontinued in 2020, is getting an injection of AI as well, which could bring it back into the fray for the company’s decidedly popular smartphones.

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