Apples are ready for picking at Barrie Hills Farms

Apples are ready for picking at Barrie Hills Farms


Apple season has begun at Barrie Hill Farms.

“We’ve got lots of apples for picking this weekend,” says Morris Gervais, owner of Barrie Hills Farms.

The season has proved challenging, with a late frost during the spring and a recent hailstorm that left marks on some of the apples.

Overall, there are many options available for those who wish to partake in the late summer pastime.

“We’ve got Honeycrisps, Mcintosh, some of our early varieties still remain, we have some Sunrise and some Zestars,” Gervais says. “The season is just starting.”

With wagon rides and tractor rides out to the field, apple picking has become a fall family tradition for many.

“People love the fall, and it’s part of the family tradition,” Gervais says. “We’re happy to have people develop new family traditions of apple picking in the fall,” he adds.

Gervais hopes that there will be enough supply for apple picking up until Thanksgiving.

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