Apple renders iPhone 6 Plus ‘obsolete:’ No more support for decade-old device

Apple renders iPhone 6 Plus ‘obsolete:’ No more support for decade-old device

Pour one out for the iPhone 6 Plus – Apple just declared it officially obsolete and will no longer service the old device.

iphone 6 plus rip featured - Apple renders iPhone 6 Plus ‘obsolete:’ No more support for decade-old deviceIf you’re still rocking that iPhone 6 Plus, it’s time for an upgrade. (Express image)The iconic iPhone 6 Plus is officially obsolete according to Apple’s latest product list updates. The Cupertino tech giant has added this older smartphone to its obsolete products roster, meaning it will no longer offer repairs or service for the device through its stores and authorised providers.

Apple’s obsolescence designation kicks in once seven years have passed since a product was last sold through official channels. The iPhone 6 Plus, which launched back in September 2014 alongside the iPhone 6, was discontinued in September 2016 after a two-year run. While the smaller iPhone 6 isn’t obsolete quite yet, its support days are numbered.

The iPhone 6 lineup marked a big step up for Apple’s smartphone ambitions, introducing larger screen sizes and mobile payment capabilities through Apple Pay. But in the fast-paced world of tech, these former flagships have long been surpassed by newer, more powerful iPhones.

Most consumers upgrade their iPhones every 3-4 years on average, though some eke out 5-6 years with diligent battery replacements. For iPhone 6 Plus owners still clinging to their aging devices, this news is essentially Apple’s not-so-subtle suggestion that it’s time to move on.

In other news, the 4th gen iPad mini has also crossed the 5-year “vintage” threshold where Apple will still service the device for a limited time based on part availability. And in a quirk, the (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 8 and 8 Plus colors have been deemed “vintage” while other shades remain current for now.


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