Apple makes it easier to swear with iOS 17 autocorrect improvements

Apple makes it easier to swear with iOS 17 autocorrect improvements

Apple is making it easier to swear with autocorrect improvements coming to iOS 17.

The tech giant is making some changes to autocorrect on iPhone 12 devices and later for users who downloaded the latest update.

The keyboard uses a transformer model similar to ChatGPT parent company OpenAI, which learns from what you type to predict what you might say next.

The autocorrect fixes are now more accurate as it takes advantage of a new transformer language model in iOS 17, which means it can offer better suggestions when you try to type a name, phrase or swear word.

The model itself is designed to handle language in a sophisticated manner, first being trained by certain data before learning context and patterns to mimic how humans think and speak.

The new iOS 17 update does the same, giving you more accurated autocorrect options by adding swear words and other explicit language you often use to your own personalised vocabulary list.

It can also differentiate between apps, taking note of how you might swear more in Messenger but use more professional language on X/Twitter.

Users will also get single and multi-word predictions in the text field, such as giving an inline prediction for ‘Doctor Who’ if you started asking if someone had seen the newest episode.

To complete the message with the predictive text, you can hit the space bar to enter it into the text field.

While there are some limitations – such as less common name spellings or slang – these can easily be switched by tapping to go back to the word you originally meant to write.

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