Apple likely to bring ChatGPT AI on iPhone, iPad

Apple likely to bring ChatGPT AI on iPhone, iPad

Apple also in talks with Google for Gemini after OpenAI for ChatGPT. — Unsplash/File

Apple and OpenAI have been talking with each other in order to advance a deal that could potentially bring ChatGPT generative AI technology to iOS 18 updates.

It was revealed by a report which was published late on Friday and gives minute details. However, the report claims that Apple and OpenAI are “finalising terms” to use ChatGPT in iOS 18, according to Apple Insider.

On the other hand, it is also said that Apple is also still in talks with Google for Gemini which is another artificial intelligence technology, but there is less clarity on how far along those talks have reached.

It all appears to be related to Apple’s rumoured overall strategy to offer an AI App Store, regardless that Friday’s report from Bloomberg suggests a potential deal.

While outsourcing LLMs to bigger existing companies like Google, the company is rumoured to be planning to offer smaller on-device models of its own design.

Apple also aims to use its on-device processing as a major plus point for customers. This was highlighted somewhat by Apple’s comments during the recent iPad event. During the event, the company said that it has been shipping devices with AI hardware optimisations for years.

So, it is possible that Apple may emerge with its own AI technology.

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