Apple Just Released The Next Generation Of iPads

Apple Just Released The Next Generation Of iPads


At the ‘Let Loose’ event yesterday, Apple couldn’t help gushing over how cool their new tablet line is.

The world has been granted a couple of new iPad Pro models with OLED and M4 chips, as well as a couple of new iPad Air models, a new magical keyboard and a cutting-edge Apple Pencil Pro.

Beginning with the show-stopper, Mashable reported that Apple finally confirmed two new iPad Pro models, to follow up on the 2022 model.

Apple is as impressed with themselves as any of us might be, gushing about how thin the new iPads are. These new iPad Pros come in 11-inch and 13-inch models, with the 11-inch model coming in at 5.3mm of thickness, while the 13-inch model is just 5.1mm thick.

According to Apple, it’s “the thinnest Apple product ever.”

The 11-inch model will be launched at $999 and the 13-inch model will run for $1,299 – which is around R18,580 and R24,000, respectively. They come in just two colours: Silver and Space Black.

Apple placed significant emphasis on two major upgrades for the upcoming iPad Pros. In particular, they boast brand-new OLED displays, featuring a peak HDR brightness of 1,600 nits. OLED technology delivers richer, more accurate dark tones, enhancing overall visual appeal and sophistication compared to LCD displays.

In addition, the new iPad Pros introduce Apple’s latest in-house silicon, the M4 chip. This advancement will facilitate features such as hardware-accelerated ray tracing. Overall, it will enhance the performance and fluidity of the new iPad Pro, surpassing its predecessor. According to Apple, it boasts a fourfold increase in speed compared to the 2022 iPad Pro, which was equipped with the M2 chip.

Other odds and ends include a repositioned front-facing camera so that it’s on the tablet’s landscape edge, and 256GB of starting storage, up to a total of 2TB.

At this stage, it is the most professional iPad you can get.

Then again, if you’re not exactly looking to edit feature films and/or Apple event livestreams on a tablet, the new iPad Air will do just fine.

images 1 - Apple Just Released The Next Generation Of iPads

Image: Apple

Again, there are two new iPad Air tablets on the table, coming in at 11 inches and 13 inches in size – although it is the first time Apple has launched the iPad Air in two different sizes. The 11-inch variant launches at $599 (around R11,000), while the bigger iPad Air is $799 (around R15,000). The colour options here are a bit better, with blue, purple, Starlight, and Space Grey available for the picking.

Of course, a new iPad Pro needs a new Magic Keyboard, and you can be your bottom dollar that Apple has provided one.

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Image: Apple

Priced at $299 (R5,500) for the 11-inch iPad Pro and $349 (R6,500) for the 13-inch version, the new Magic Keyboard works the same as before, but with some new additions, most crucially, the full function row to go along with a bigger and more responsive trackpad. Apple promised it’s generally bigger but also lighter than before.

Lastly, all the artists and doodlers of the Apple world got some good news, too, with the new Apple Pencil.

images 4 - Apple Just Released The Next Generation Of iPads

Image: Apple

The Apple Pencil Pro launches at $129 (R2,400) and comes with some very cool updates. Apple did a bunch of stuff to this new Pencil, including adding haptic feedback and a gyroscope for more accurate motion detection. It’s also got a new squeeze gesture you can use to select shortcuts without touching the screen.

All in all, Apple really let loose this time around.

As you may well know by now, your nearest Digicape will be the first place to look when trying to get your hands on any new Apple tech.

Watch the Apple-shaped space so that you can get the new OLED-screen iPad Pro and all the fine gadgets that come with it.


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