Apple Event 2023 Live Updates: Fall line-up to showcase iPhone 15 with Action Button, Watch Series 9 with faster chip; upgraded iPad & Airpods also on anvil – The Economic Times

Apple Event 2023 Live Updates: Fall line-up to showcase iPhone 15 with Action Button, Watch Series 9 with faster chip; upgraded iPad & Airpods also on anvil – The Economic Times

10:23 PM

The big screen screams ‘Wonderlust’ at Steve Jobs Theatre.

10:18 PM

Dynamic Island for all!

Apple is expected to finally bid farewell to the infamous Notch on the base iPhone 15 variants, replacing it with the Dynamic Island present on last year’s iPhone 14 Pro versions. The notch that has been a hallmark of recent iPhone models was first unveiled with the launch of iPhone X in 2017.

10:18 PM

Leaks suggest…

It appears iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max will have a triple rear camera set-up, and the iPhone 15 & 15 Plus will sport a dual rear camera.

10:14 PM

The case of iPhone 15 is already available for sale! It is priced at $45.95 (approximately Rs 4150).

10:12 PM

Lightning cable, you will be missed. Also, no running around to look for the Apple charger anymore. So, yay!

10:10 PM

Wait… what? Is this for real?

10:07 PM

Psst… this is what the Steve Jobs theatre looks like. American tech and social media commentator Lance Ulanoff gives a sneak peek.

10:00 PM

ICYMI | The X like button visually explained

09:55 PM

OnePlus, too, had something to say

09:33 PM

India & China on the same page

09:19 PM

Apple keeps Hermes away?

Rumour mills have been abuzz about the imminent Apple-Hermes divorce! Tech geeks have speculated that the Hermes Apple Watch could be timed out – the buzz picked up after Hermes removed Apple Watch from its website.

09:12 PM

Apple Iphone 15: Meanwhile, some dragged Monsieur Musk as well …

08:59 PM

iPhone, Rewind: Just in case you forgot what the 2007 model looked like!

08:57 PM

Apple iphone 15 Launch: Whoa, Nothing had something to say!

08:55 PM

Apple Store suffers outage!

Apple fans in India are an excited lot! But in the run-up to tonight’s big gig, the Apple Store website in India suffered an outage – displaying the familiar message “Be right back”.

08:44 PM

Hello, Tata?

The past few weeks saw news reports speculating that Apple may forge a contract with Tata Group for manufacturing iPhones in India. Tata’s ability to manufacture iPhones is attributed to the company’s acquisition of Wistron’s Indian production line. Tata Group has been in talks to buy Wistron’s Karnataka manufacturing unit which produces components for Apple products.

08:40 PM

Boss Tim Cook steps in

07:43 PM

Apple Event 2023 Live: Improved heart rate sensor on Watch Series 9 & Ultra 2

While the design of the Watch Series 9 & Ultra 2 may remain largely unchanged, internal upgrades like a new U2 chip & improved heart rate sensor are anticipated.

07:20 PM

Apple Event 2023 Live: X’s unique surprise for iPhone 15 reveal

Ahead of the iPhone 15 series launch, Elon Musk-owned X (Twitter) has introduced a custom animation to its ‘Like’ button. When clicked, the button splits into pieces before returning to the heart shape, very much like the animation seen in Apple’s teaser for the ‘Wonderlust’ event. However, neither Musk or X made any official announcement regarding this new animation.

06:56 PM

Apple Event 2023 Live: iPhone 15 Pro Max delayed?

Generally, the iPhone models are made available for purchase within a week of its launch. But this time around there have been reports suggesting that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be facing a delay due to the unavailability of an image sensor.

06:34 PM

Apple Event 2023 Live: Taking the leap to 8GB RAM

There have also been speculations that Apple will finally be making the jump to 8GB RAM for the Pro variants.

06:18 PM

Apple Event 2023 Live: Goodbye mute switch, welcome Action Button

Meanwhile, rumour mills are abuzz that there will be a new physical button, dubbed as the ‘Action Button’, on the next-generation Pro iPhone models that replaces the Ring/Silent switch.

06:03 PM

PICS: Apple products that met a not-so-sweet end

But … also remember …That not all that Apple has launched over the decades has WORKED! Here are a few things that didn’t quite leave a sweet aftertaste …

04:37 PM

Apple Event 2023 Live: Watch SE 2 stays

Apple Event 2023 Live: The Apple Watch SE 2, launched last year, may not see a worthy successor! Going back in time, the 2nd-generation Apple Watch SE too launched a year after the primary. The first-ever Apple Watch SE was launched in 2020.

04:30 PM

PICS: All that could be launched

Whatever Apple does, it makes news! And, why not? Here is a round-up of some of the likely products that may get to headline tonight …

04:27 PM

Apple Event 2023 Live: Chip on Apple’s shoulders!

Apple Event 2023 Live Updates: This year, Apple will be revealing its next-gen A17 chips, which according to tipster @URedditor are expected to possess a remarkable composition, with six CPU cores and six GPU cores.

04:24 PM

Apple Event 2023 Live: A revamped design for the iPhone15?

Apple Event 2023 Live Updates: The iPhone 15 is likely to feature a revamped design that switches the side material from stainless steel to titanium. The top-of-the-line model — the Pro Max — will also get a new camera.

03:51 PM

Apple Event 2023 Live: Apple looks for a sweet touch!

Apple Event Live Updates: The stakes are high this year as Apple looks to pull out of a sales slump. Trouble for the tech major mounted in China after the government urged staff to refrain from using its devices. Apple’s market cap also eroded last week.

03:40 PM

Apple Event 2023 Live: Apple’s Made in India tag

Apple Event Live: For the first time, iPhone 15 models will go on sale in India on the same day or soon after it hits the global market. The units are reported to be manufactured at Foxconn – an assembler of Apple – in Chennai.

03:37 PM

Apple Event 2023 Live: Also, Finally!

Apple Event Live: Apple is expected to finally make the switch to USB Type-C … The standard iPhone 15 models will require Apple-certified cables for optimal charging speeds, while the Pro and Pro Max versions will offer faster data transfer capabilities.

03:35 PM

Apple Event 2023 Live: All the design leaks

Apple Event Live: In the run-up to the launch, alleged dummy models of the iPhone 15 & iPhone 15 Pro surfaced. The purported leaks showed new design elements – Dynamic Island on the non-pro variants & colour choices. Read more here

03:24 PM

Apple Event 2023 Live: Streaming in India

Apple Event Live Updates: If you are following from India, then do note: Apple’s September Event will kick off at 10:30 pm IST. It will be available to watch through the Apple TV app, Apple’s official website and YouTube live-stream.

01:22 PM

Apple Event 2023 Live: Apple’s September Special

Apple Event 2023 Live: The stage is set for Apple’s highly anticipated ‘Wonderlust’ event where the Cupertino-based tech giant will be unveiling the new iPhone 15 line-up. Also in the fray to be revealed: the Watch Series 9, Watch Ultra 2, and new Airpods.

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