Apple Begins iPhone 16 Display Production, Pro Max Delayed

Apple Begins iPhone 16 Display Production, Pro Max Delayed

With the new line of iPhones just a few months away, Apple is already putting the necessary pieces together. The Cupertino giant has reportedly approved the mass production of displays for most of the upcoming iPhone 16 variants.

According to the South Korean publication The Elec, Apple has given its three main suppliers – Samsung, LG, and BOE – the thumbs up to start producing OLED displays for the upcoming iPhone models.

  • Samsung will produce displays for all iPhone 16 models.
  • LG will make the displays for the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max.
  • BOE will supply OLED panels for iPhone 16 and the iPhone 16 Plus.

iPhone 16 Pro Max displays still on hold

The Elec further reports that Apple has approved Samsung and LG for the mass production of iPhone 16 Pro screens, as well as BOE for the two base models. However, the approval for iPhone 16 Pro Max screens is still pending.

Apparently, the current displays from LG and Samsung are struggling to pass Apple’s necessary quality tests, which is crucial for the production to move forward.

The report states that Samsung will receive approval later this week, with LG expected to pass quality control by mid-June. LG’s displays are considered not ready enough to pass the test until then.

It’s still unclear why the two Korean companies are having difficulties passing the quality test specifically for the iPhone 16 Pro Max.

This could be related to the recent rumors about the iPhone 16 Pro featuring an under-display Face ID sensor.

But still, we have no official information on any of these topics and can only guess. The delay could be entirely unrelated to Face ID and may involve another factor.


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