Apple announces two new storage plans for iCloud: All the details – Times of India

Apple announces two new storage plans for iCloud: All the details – Times of India

iPhone 15 series brings some new nifty camera features – 24MP super high-resolution pictures,


at 4K60, and spatial videos, to name a few among all. But the storage on new iPhones is still limited at 1TB, though


has introduced two new tiers for iCloud, so one can store all their photos and videos on


before they run out of space. These new tiers offer subscribers the option of storing either 6 terabytes or 12 terabytes of data.

Starting September 18,


accounts will now be offered in two new larger storage tiers of 6 TB and 12 TB, allowing users to store more personal photos, videos, documents, and data.

The 6 TB plan of iCloud+ will cost $29.99 (around Rs 2,4800) per month in the United States, while the 12 TB plan will cost twice as much, at $59.99 (Rs 4,970) per month. As of now, there is no word on how much these tiers would cost in India.

Users can share the additional storage with up to six people via Family Sharing. Additionally, these new tiers also include other iCloud+ features such as iCloud Private Relay, HomeKit Secure Video, and more.

It is unclear whether users will be able to club their

Apple One

Currently, the iCloud+ is available in three tiers in India – 50GB, 200GB, and 2TB – priced at Rs 75, Rs 219, and Rs 749, respectively.

Users can store and share photos, files, emails, passwords, notes, messages, contacts, calendars, and reminders, and keep


bookmarks and Stocks watchlists synced across all devices and on You can keep settings and third-party app data up to date with

iCloud Backup

as it automatically backs up your data. Apple offers various privacy features, including Private Relay to hide your IP address and browsing activity, Hide My Email to create unique email addresses, a custom email domain with

iCloud Mail

, and HomeKit Secure Video to store and view security camera footage securely from anywhere.

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