Apple announces a big new Logic Pro for iPad and Mac update

Apple’s Let Loose iPad event might have been all about the new M4 iPad Pro and the iPad Air getting an M2 chip, but the company also took time out to show people what people can do with those new tablets. It announced updated versions of its creativity apps, including the popular Logic Pro music-making and podcasting app.

The update, which is available for both the iPad and Mac, brings with it a couple of notable upgrades including Session Players. Apple says that they offer new experiences for creators by giving them a personal, AI-driven backing band that responds directly to any feedback that is given. The app update also includes Stem Splitter, allowing artists to recover moments of inspiration for any audio file and then separate almost any mixed audio recording into four distinct parts; drums, bass, vocals, and other instruments. One the tracks have been separated musicians can then apply effects, ad new parts, and more. And it’s all powered by AI on M-series Apple silicon devices.

98111 02 apple announces big new logic pro ipad and mac update - Apple announces a big new Logic Pro for iPad and Mac update


There’s a lot more going on in this update and you can read about it in the press release linked before. The update is available for free to existing owners and will be available for download from May 13.

Logic Pro for Mac 11 costs $199.99 if you don’t already own a copy while Logic Pro for iPad 2 costs $4.99 per month or $49 for the entire year. There’s also a one-month free trial available for new users, too.

The Apple event also saw the company announce an M4 iPad Pro, M2 iPad Air with a new 13-inch option, and the Apple Pencil Pro. The Magic Keyboard also got an update with both accessories only compatible with the new iPad Pro and iPad Air.

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