Amid name change debate, Kangana Ranaut says she ‘feels better saying Bharat’ but doesn’t ‘hate’ saying India

Amid name change debate, Kangana Ranaut says she ‘feels better saying Bharat’ but doesn’t ‘hate’ saying India

Kangana Ranaut gave her opinion on the India vs Bharat name-change debate.

Kangana Ranaut has shared her thoughts about the ongoing name-change debate of India vs Bharat. After sharing a long note, and praising the name-change of India to Bharat on her Instagram, the actress commented about the social media debate. 

While speaking to Times Now, the actress said that earlier, she used to prefer Western outfits to avoid looking Indian. Kangana said, “I wanted to look anything but Indian. That was because our country was perceived as a poor nation then. Now, I am proud of my culture and now, I feel like wearing saris. So, when you realise the importance of your own culture, you have the option of embracing it. Our country is going towards a higher conscience, where the citizens may choose to be who they want to be. No one needs to impose these on you.”

India or Bharat, what does Kangana prefers? 
The actress said that prefers saying Bharat over India, and she doesn’t hate saying the word India as well. She said, “I now feel better saying Bharat but there are times when I say India, when slip of tongue happens. I do not hate it, nor do I abhor it. That, too, is our past.” Kangna further claimed that she is not a politically unaware person and does not even watch the news.

In the same conversation, Kangana Ranaut shared her thoughts about the revival of Bollywood, and how the debate of South vs North has been put to rest with the recent success. “Hum log as an industry (we as an industry), have come together. In fact, the divide between North and South is getting blurred. So, definitely, humne bahut saari cheezein re-think ki hai (we have re-thinked a lot).” 

On the work front, Kangana will soon be seen playing the titular character in Chandramukhi 2. The horror-comedy will be released in the cinemas on September 28. Kangana will also be seen playing former PM Indira Gandhi in her directorial Emergency. Kangana also has ariel actioner Tejas in the pipeline. 

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