Amid Mahesh Babu’s ‘Bollywood’ remark, old video of Shah Rukh Khan talking about working in Hollywood goes viral

Amid Mahesh Babu’s ‘Bollywood’ remark, old video of Shah Rukh Khan talking about working in Hollywood goes viral

An old video of Shah Rukh Khan talking about why he can’t be a part of Hollywood has surfaced online as Telugu star Mahesh Babu made headlines with his declaration that Bollywood can’t pay him. The viral video shows Shah Rukh stating several reasons why he is unqualified for Hollywood roles. 

Shah Rukh talks to international media at an event in this 14-year-old footage. When asked if he has any plans to enter Hollywood, Shah Rukh responds, “My English not good,” which causes a few people to bust out laughing.

He continues, “If they give me a role of a dumb person who doesn’t speak, maybe. I am not trying to be modest but I am 42 years old, I am little brown, I don’t have any special USP as an actor. I don’t know Kung fu, I don’t dance the Latin salsa, I am not tall enough. I think anyone who is my age in the western world, I have seen recent films of Europe, films of what you call ‘the dream factory’, I think there is no space for me. There is no place for me because I don’t think I am that talented.”

Fans have been comparing the two statements and are sharing the video as an example of how a humble reply should be.


Mahesh Babu had issued a statement after his comment ‘Bollywood Cannot Afford Me’ went viral. He stated that he loves and respect all the languages. His team has issued a press note which clarified that his intention was to tell that he is happy doing Telugu movies. Team also mentioned that  ‘Bollywood can’t afford me’ statement was ‘blown out of proportions’

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The statement reads, “Mahesh has clarified that he loves cinema and respects all languages. He said he is comfortable doing the film where he has been working. Mahesh said he is happy to see his dream coming true as Telugu cinema is going places.”

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