Ahead of the iOS 18 launch, Apple is set to debut these new features with iOS 17.5

Ahead of the iOS 18 launch, Apple is set to debut these new features with iOS 17.5

Apple recently rolled out iOS 17.4, bringing critical security fixes and exciting features. A noteworthy change in iOS 17.4 is Apple’s adaptation to the Digital Markets Act, impacting the App Store and app operation within the European Union. However, this change is specific to EU regions, while other updates apply globally.

Now, while users are still updating to iOS 17.4, Apple is all set to start testing the next update – iOS 17.5. While Apple has not yet released the first beta version, reports suggest that the update will include two major updates:

EU App Distribution

Buzz surrounds the anticipated updates in iOS 17.5, with the first focusing on app distribution within the EU. It is reported that iOS 17.5 will allow iPhone users in the EU to download apps directly from developers’ websites, circumventing the traditional App Store. This “Web Distribution” initiative is for eligible developers who meet certain criteria and is expected to launch later this spring. This move continues Apple’s compliance with the EU’s Digital Markets Act, building on the introduction of alternative app marketplaces in iOS 17.4.

Enhancements to Apple ID Recovery Contacts

The second update may bring changes to the Apple ID recovery contacts feature. While details are limited, a report by tipster Nicolás lvarez hints that the changes might not be immediately apparent to users. Nevertheless, the recovery contacts feature is essential for account access, particularly if you forget your password or device passcode.

Security, Bug Fixes, and a tentative release date

In addition to these updates, Apple is likely to include more security patches and bug fixes in the final release. iOS 17.5 is expected to be publicly available before the end of May. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman predicts that Apple will soon complete the internal development of the first beta, although the release date for developers is still uncertain.

In the meantime, let’s revisit the most recent update, iOS 17.4. Launched globally last month, it brought significant security enhancements and a slew of new features. The emoji keyboard received a creative upgrade with additions like mushroom, phoenix, and shaking heads emojis. Users now have the option to adjust the direction (left or right) for various people and body emojis. Apple Podcasts gained episode transcripts in multiple languages, enhancing accessibility and user engagement. These transcripts are fully searchable.

Additional Enhancements in iOS 17.4

Further improvements include the ability to add Siri-recognize songs to Apple Music playlists and Libraries, including the new Apple Music Classical. Siri now announces messages in various languages, and Stolen Device Protection received a security boost. The Battery Health section now provides detailed metrics like cycle count and manufacture date. Additionally, Apple enhanced Call Identification with verified business information and updated Messages for Business for reliable transaction updates. The Apple Cash virtual card expands its reach to allow payments at more merchants. Various bug fixes further improve the overall user experience.

Finally, for EU users following the EU’s Digital Markets Act guidelines, the iOS 17.4 update ushered in third-party app stores, marking a shift in Apple’s traditionally closed ecosystem.

Published By:

Divya Bhati

Published On:

Apr 2, 2024

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