Abhay Deol’s sports drama is a must watch

Abhay Deol’s sports drama is a must watch

Cast: Abhay Deol, Emily Shah, Atul Kumar, Julian Lewis Jones, and Stewart Wright

Director: Sagar Ballary   

Where to watch: Lionsgate Play 

Runtime: 117 mins

Rating: 3.5 stars 

The untold yet remarkably true story about a coach and his underdog team, The Jungle Cats from the jungles of Odisha, making India proud by winning the Under-14 rugby world cup in whales. The sports drama features Abhay Deol, Emily Shah, Atul Kumar, Julian Lewis Jones, and Stewart Wright.


The Abhay Deol led sports drama is a revelation and every Indian will experience a wave of patriotism while watching Jungle Cry. The kids’ journey will touch everyone’s heart. Especially people with families must take their kids to watch this epic tale of underprivileged kids overcoming staggering odds. 


Actor Abhay Deol brings back his magic to the screen with his charming performance as Coach Rudra, who collaborates with coach Paul from whales to prepare a team of tribal kids for rugby. Only problem with their plan is that they don’t have any support and kids have no clue about the sports. What follows is something extraordinary, and one needs to watch this Lionsgate release. 


The film has been making rounds at international film festivals and has been garnered with many awards and accolades. Helmed by Sagar Ballary, this is a story of a nation’s spirit which runs deep within the souls of individuals living here and Jungle Cry will definitely inspire to keep your head held high during tough times. 


Jungle Cry is an untold true story about a tribal team named The Jungle Cats’ of India who went on to become Under-14 Rugby World Cup in Wales for 2007. The narrative is true to its core, there is not a single wasted moment or character on-screen. 


It’s an inspirational tale about hope, dream, and going beyond your wildest dream, which is only possible in this great nation, which is known to cultivate talent and dreams. It is a must watch sports drama!

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