Aamir Khan never worked with this director after their blockbuster, felt ‘betrayed’ when filmmaker called him…

Aamir Khan never worked with this director after their blockbuster, felt ‘betrayed’ when filmmaker called him…

After Rangeela, Ram Gopal Varma and Aamir Khan never worked again, and the reason is their 29-year-old feud.

Aamir Khan is known for his professionalism, and he’s also known as a director’s actor. A filmmaker who has worked with him would love to collaborate with him again. However, there’s a director with whom Aamir gave one of the biggest hits of the 1990s, but he never wished to collaborate with him again. 

The first collaboration of this actor-director made box office records. However, they never worked again. Aamir has gone on record and expressed his disappointment with the director. He even said he would never meet this director, and if they turned up on the same occasion, he would avoid him. 

The director with which Aamir Khan refused to work again is…

Ram Gopal Varma (also known as RGV), gave one of the biggest blockbusters of his career with Aamir Khan- Rangeela (1995). The musical romantic drama also starred Urmila Matondkar and Jackie Shroff in key roles. Rangeela was released with positive responses from the audience and critics and became one of the top-grossers of that year. However, after Rangeela, Aamir and Ramu never worked again. And the reason behind this is their feud. 

What happened between Aamir and Ram Gopal Varma? 

Soon after the success of Rangeela, Ram Gopal Varma reportedly made a controversial statement, saying that the actor who played waiter (Rajeev Mehta) in the iconic ‘AC is on sir’ scene, did a better job than Aamir. Soon this statement went viral and Aamir felt betrayed by the director. 

Watch this scene here

Did RGV really mean what was quoted? 

Years later, Ramu said that his statement from the interview was taken out of context, and that ultimately led to a misunderstanding between the two. In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, RGV said, “I am clearing this for the thousandth time. Khalid Mohammed was interviewing me and I made a technical point. People don’t understand how a performance works. I mentioned in the context if Aamir says the line ‘Tu idhar ghuma na’. Now the expression on the waiter is what makes people laugh. It’s not the line. The line is written and Aamir said it flatly. But because so much laughter came we think it is Aamir’s performance. If I did the wrong casting of the waiter who couldn’t give a counted expression, the scene would have been flat.”

Aamir’s reaction to Ram Gopal Varma’s statement 

In the same conversation, Varma said he told Aamir, “The whole world has seen Rangeela, they’ve loved it. That guy is in half a scene. Me saying the waiter is better than you, in what way do you think is going to make any difference? In fact, it will come on me… But he felt betrayed, and that’s my fault completely.” Since the infamous interview, Aamir and Varma never worked again.

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