A green match! Gen Z connects over environment on Tinder India

A green match! Gen Z connects over environment on Tinder India

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Around the world, more and more people have now started to pay attention to the environment, altering their lifestyle so as to be less of a burden on the planet. Tinder India — a dating app — has found that many of its members have picked up a host of environmental themes and issues to express themselves in their bios.

So while ‘vegetarianism’ and ‘environmentalism’ lead their sustainability interests, ‘gardening’ and ‘veganism’ follow closely after. As such, if you are a green warrior, looking to connect with fellow green warriors and spark conversations on the app, you may have to tweak your bio just a bit.

In order to find like-minded people, you can lead with your food choices. The latest survey report finds environmentally-conscious dietary choices emerging as preferences, with people opting for plant-based alternatives. In case you wish to let your next match know where to take you out on a brunch date, here are some bio suggestions:

* “Clean, green, utilitarian and everything vegetarian”
* “Vegan and lovin’ it – always on the lookout for food”
* Dairy-free and gluten-free since 2019, looking to be free of toxic relationships in 2021″

In the lockdowns, many people have discovered their green thumb, and love for gardening. In fact, the report states that ‘plant dad’ mentions have increased nearly three times compared to the period between February 2020 and May 2020. Additionally, mentions of ‘plant mom’ have also increased by nearly two times.

It is always a good idea to let your date know you are down for some gardening activity. In fact, you can find a fellow gardening partner with these bio suggestions:

* “Tell me your favourite flower and I’ll grow it for you”
* “Proud, single parent of three (lil’ saplings)*
* “DTF – Down To Forget about worldly problems and grow some herbs/greens?”

If you are advocating for environmentalism, global warming, sustainability, recycling, slow fashion, or water conservation, be clear and be proud about your efforts and intentions. Spread the word and find kindred souls; these bios may be helpful:

* “I like my relationships exactly how I like my fashion – slow and sustainable”
* “Reuse, reduce, recycle – my trash, not my relationships”
* “If only I made an effort to save my money, like I conserved water”

All data comes from Tinder India profiles or aggregated Tinder India app data in May 2021.

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