12 Ways to Wear a Shag Haircut With Bangs

12 Ways to Wear a Shag Haircut With Bangs

Whether you have a pixie, a bob, or long hair, the shag works on every length, plus a number of hair textures.

So, if this unicorn of a haircut isn’t defined by length of your hair, what makes a cut shaggy? Well, it’s all in the layers.

Typically, the shag is a layered cut with feathered ends, and often finished off with bangs. So yep, if you’ve been debating whether or not to take the plunge and try bangs, the shag is the perfect haircut to compliment a fresh set of fringe. 

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“Bangs work well with a shag haircut because it adds to the effortless vibe and draws attention up to the eyes and cheekbones,” says Chara DeSimone, a stylist at Bumble and bumble’s midtown salon in New York City. “It also blends in with the shorter layers.”

As for what kind of bangs to add to a shag, well, that’s up to you, too. DeSimone says she typically likes to add curtain bangs to a shag, or short, wispy bangs that sit at the eyebrow and open in the center. 

However, she says to take face shape into consideration so the overall look is balanced. “For a heart-shaped face, I’d go for longer and more wispy, for a square face, I’d go for rounded and soft, and for for a round face, I’d go for a heavier or blunt bang,” she suggests.

Celebs have got the shag haircut with bangs memo. Kerry Washington’s layered pixie cut and Julianne Hough’s effortless, textured bob are just a few examples of how stars have leaned into this hair trend. 

Looking for inspo for your own cut? Keep scrolling for the best celebrity shag haircuts with bangs.


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