ZTE Blade V7 Lite Phone

What is a ZTE Blade V7 Lite?

The ZTE Blade V7 Lite is a latest in a prolonged line of important inexpensive phones from a Chinese manufacturer. But it’s tenable that ‘respectable’ and ‘cheap’ are no prolonged adequate in a marketplace where we have to demeanour unequivocally tough to find an undisguised bad phone of any kind.

Here we can suffer a decent 5-inch display, a prejudiced steel build, and a fingerprint sensor for a cost of reduction than £150. Indeed, during a time of essay it was probable to collect one adult for £120 SIM-free from Carphone Warehouse. But somehow, I’m not utterly impressed.

ZTE Blade V7 Lite – Design

Pulling a ZTE Blade V7 Lite out of a parcel elicited a critical box of deja vu in me. Hadn’t we used this before?

No, as it turns out. That would be final year’s ZTE Blade S6 – a opposite era and difficulty entirely, yet a probably matching head-on design.

You get a same iPhone-aping profile, with loyal edges and winding corners. You also get a same capacitive home, back, and menu keys with a accurate same smirch – usually a home pivotal is marked, with a tiny blue circle, while a other dual buttons are a box of strike and wish – solely for when we press a home key, during that indicate they quickly light up.

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zte 1

Suffice to say, this proceed hasn’t gotten any some-more appealing or discerning given a aforementioned ZTE Blade S6 final year. Flip a phone over, however, and you’ll symbol a differences immediately. Whereas a Blade S6 was – ahem – ‘influenced’ by a iPhone 6, a ZTE Blade V7 Lite looks some-more like some of a Android companions. There’s a mainly place camera lens, and usually next that we have a rather recessed fingerprint sensor.

The combination of a ZTE Blade V7 Lite’s physique is commendably reward given a price, yet also rather curious. It’s got a steel edge and back, that is a good underline to have on such a inexpensive phone. However, a tip and bottom sections of a phone are plastic.

The mix of these dual elements doesn’t wholly convince, yet again – we’re looking during a mostly steel phone for £120. That’s flattering sweet.

This is also a good proportioned phone, with a 7.9mm density and 134g weight mixing with a 5-inch arrangement to place it in a Goldilocks section – it feels ‘just right’ in a palm and a pocket.

zte 5

ZTE Blade V7 Lite – Display

As already mentioned, ZTE has left with a 5-inch 720p arrangement for a Blade V7 Lite. That means it’s not a sharpest screen, even when we take into care a low cost point.

The Motorola Moto G4, for example, has a Full HD 1080p display. Even with a incomparable 5.5-inch aspect area, that creates for a some-more pixel-packed panel.

Full HD positively seems to be optimal for a 5-inch screen, yet 720p is by no means bad. After all, a 4.7-inch shade of a pricey iPhone 7 is usually a small over 720p.

Sure enough, we couldn’t unequivocally error a ZTE Blade V7 Lite’s shade in bland use – over a certain obscurity that we come to design from such an affordable phone. You’ll wish to holder a liughtness slider right adult as standard, yet once we do it’s excellent in all yet splendid outdoor conditions.

Otherwise, colours are pretty good balanced, with a rather blue, icy-cool stain as customary that we always favour. Others cite a kind of ‘warmer’ arrangement we mostly find with OLED technology, so your opinion might vary.

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zte 19

Whatever your preference, though, ZTE lets we tweak things by a MiraVision system. ‘Vivid’ mode provides rather some-more jam-packed colours, yet we can also take matters into your possess hands and tweak a contrast, saturation, colour temperature, and more. we wish some-more manufacturers would provide

such an option, so full credit to ZTE here.

ZTE Blade V7 Lite – Performance

The Blade V7 Lite unequivocally shows a cut-price palm when it comes to performance. It isn’t a good inciter during all.

You can appreciate a phone’s squalid Mediatek MT6735P CPU for that, that is accompanied by an adequate 2GB of RAM.

Having put a Blade V7 Lite by a customary Geekbench 4 benchmark test, we found that it scored an normal of 1186 on a multicore front. That’s about 700 or so brief of what a Moto G4 tends to score. There’s a identical domain on a single-core front, too.

Benchmarks are one thing, yet when it comes down to ubiquitous use you’ll notice a shortfall too. we saw this in a small lags when opening adult apps, a Google Play Store, and a camera. It even felt indolent simply drumming in a pin series to get past a close screen.

Which is a sold bummer, since a phone’s fingerprint sensor is terrible. It was delayed to conflict via my time with a phone, and recognized my prints usually really erratically. Occasionally I’d find that it didn’t even realize we was perplexing to benefit entrance until we lifted my finger and transposed it on a pad a integrate of time.

I shortly realised that we was instinctually streamer for a choice pin system, that is always a certain pointer that a phone’s biometric confidence complement isn’t fit for purpose.

zte 15

It’s loyal that a ZTE Blade V7 stands out for being a singular inexpensive smartphone to have such a feature, that is in a possess approach utterly commendable. But as it’s not a utterly useful example, we wouldn’t get too loquacious with a praise.

Gaming performance, that arguable indicator of a smartphone’s grunt – was a churned bag. Dead Trigger 2 was playable even on high settings – yet we wouldn’t call it well-spoken – yet Oz: Broken Kingdom ran officious poorly. Simpler transport like Six! ran flawlessly, though, so infrequent gamers will get on usually excellent with a phone.

There’s a rare Game Boost duty built into a ZTE’s software, that manifests as a diversion folder by that we can launch your downloaded games. It seems to maximize a accessible complement resources to assistance speed adult any game. This did seem to urge Oz’s opening somewhat, yet a outcome wasn’t massively pronounced.

Overall, a ZTE Blade V7 Lite seems to be hold behind by bad silicon. Given that this no longer needs to be so in a sub-£200 category, it’s a bit of a black symbol on a name.

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