Woman Says ‘F Off’ To Mom Guilt With Bottle-Feeding Instagram

”I still feel guilty any day that I’m not breastfeeding Aoife anymore,” Rennie wrote in a caption. “Because silent shame is a HUGE BITCH.”

The mom, who also has a 2-year-old son, explained that she stopped breastfeeding her daughter for many reasons, including latching problems, scheduling hurdles and mental health concerns.

“At 4 months we called it quits, and it was such a unpleasant decision,” she wrote. “Life unequivocally got easier; we were all a lot happier. But we still, 8 months on, consider we gave adult too easily. we didn’t, we know that, though we still can’t assistance being unequivocally tough on myself…”

On tip of her middle romantic struggle, Rennie pronounced strangers have combined to her clarity of guilt. Like a lady during a park, who had given her a judgmental glance for bottle-feeding her daughter progressing that day.

The mom responded to a occurrence with a absolute summary for her associate parents. “The thing is, FED is best,” she wrote. “Aoife was (and still is) some-more confident on a bottle. It doesn’t matter how we feed a babies, as prolonged as it’s protected and they’re nourished and happy.”

She concluded, “Never doubt your choices, we have to do what’s right for we and your whole family ― either that be breastfeeding until they’re toddlers or never being means to even start, And tell silent shame to only F OFF”

Rennie told The Huffington Post, she always tries to foster a significance of moms ancillary any other by her Instagram comment and blog, MeOhMy.

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