Woman Creates Registry For White Men (Until We Figure Out What’s Going On)

The registry includes space for any white men, or anyone who advantages from white masculine privilege. It asks those induction to prove if they have ever “made a derogative criticism about a marginalized organisation to another white male” or “interrupted a non white masculine while they were vocalization to tell them how they should think, feel, act or respond to a situation,” among many other qualifiers. 

Thompson told The Huffington Post that she’s gotten around 700 entries submitted in a 24 hours given she posted a Google Doc, and a response has been equal tools certain and negative.

“I’d contend it’s about half and half as distant as replies go,” she said. “A lot of genuine responses that are common and honest, and afterwards a lot of horrible ones.”

She posted an refurbish on Friday, thanking a many organisation who have registered, as good as observant that she privately purebred Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions ― both of whom have been given poignant positions of energy on Trump’s staff, and both of whom have prolonged annals of extremist rhetoric. 

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