Wileyfox Swift 2 Phone

What is a Wileyfox Swift 2?

The Wileyfox Swift 2 is an affordable Android phone. It’s a arrange of device we competence cruise shopping from a likes of Amazon, after determining you’ve had adequate of signing adult for costly contracts to get we hands on a latest in-fashion phone.

Prices for a Swift 2 start during £159 for a customary version; a Swift 2 Plus will cost we an additional £30. The Plus has a higher-resolution 16-megapixel camera and 32GB storage instead of 16GB.

The Wileyfox Swift 2 doesn’t set any new standards for already hyper-aggressive bill phones, yet it’s a decent choice if you’re unfortunate for a handset that’s done of steel instead of plastic.

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Swift 2 39

Wileyfox Swift 2 – Design

The strange Wileyfox Swift is a cosmetic phone, one that tries to mount out with an roughly bushy textured finish. This new indication is utterly different, stepping adult a joining or dual in a classiness stakes.

Its behind is aluminium, curving around to accommodate a shade surround. Some inexpensive steel phones usually use a boring steel picture and cosmetic sides, so this back is many some-more like one that you’d see on a decent mid-range model.

It’s not all-metal, though. The tip and bottom tools of a back are plastic. This is common practice, given it stops Wileyfox from wanting to go by a costly routine of slicing into a aluminium to make a several sockets and grilles. You’ll see that Huawei and Honor take a same approach.

Swift 2 27

I’m sincerely tender by a demeanour of a Wileyfox Swift 2’s rear, however. The approach a aluminium picture circles adult around a camera lens, and a bevelling around a fingerprint scanner and camera lens are unequivocally utterly poetic for a phone during this price.

Side-by-side with a cosmetic Motorola Moto G, a Swift 2 seems many reduction prosaic. It’s comfy to hold, too.

It isn’t a flat-out pattern smash, though. The Wileyfox Swift 2’s side buttons are a small spongy, and front-on a shade surrounds are somewhat thicker than we’re used to these days. It’s a looker from a back; usually fine from a front.

Swift 2 21

The Swift 2 comes with a factory-applied shade protector. However, it doesn’t indeed hang to a shade scrupulously around a edges, giving it a weird-looking border. This might be given there’s a really slight 2.5D span to a sides of a shade (even yet a guardian doesn’t seem to strech a curve). You can always take it off, yet it’s a shame.

Beneath a protector, a Wileyfox Swift 2’s arrangement is lonesome with Gorilla Glass 3 – a really good, if somewhat dated, callous glass. We’re on to Gorilla Glass 5 now, creation this dual generations behind. But during this price, it seem stupid to complain.

Storage will change according to a chronicle of a phone we opt for: 16GB with a customary Swift 2; 32GB in a Plus. I’m regulating a Plus version, whose storage is indeed flattering quick, reading during 214MB/sec and essay during 77MB/sec.

As we can supplement a microSD label to possibly model, we don’t need to obsess to many over this storage difference.

Swift 2 25

Both versions of a phone also underline a fingerprint scanner on a back of a device. Similar to a one on a Huawei Mate 9 and other Huawei/Honor phones, it doesn’t need to be depressed; simply place your finger on there and it will do a rest.

It isn’t as quick as a scanner on a £600 phone, yet it does get we from “sleep” to a homescreen in reduction than a second.

My usually emanate with it, however, is that given a Wileyfox Swift 2 is a sincerely petite phone interjection to a 5-inch screen, a scanner can be a small niggly to use. Such scanners work best on vast phones, as your index finger tends to naturally rest right next a scanner. Here, it tends to find a approach to a left, creation we trifle your palm over to strech it.

It’s flattering low on a joining list of first-world problems, though.

Swift 2 23

Wileyfox Swift 2 – Screen

The Wileyfox Swift 2 has a 5-inch screen. Most of a basis of a shade tech are great. It’s a fully-laminated IPS screen, definition a picture appears to be right on a tip of a display, and there isn’t many in a approach of liughtness drop-off when we demeanour during a shade from an angle.

Switching from a 5.5-inch phone, we did find that typing correctness was flattering awful to begin; if we use swipe-style typing, you’ll have no problems. This is where we pull a line between characters, rather than drumming on any minute separately.

Swift 2 37

Colour is reduction jam-packed than many top-end phones, yet these days many costly phones are oversaturated anyway. The colour tinge here is pleasant, with a somewhat comfortable heat that’s easy on a eye.

The one paltry emanate I’m anticipating formidable to determine is a resolution: 1,280 x 720 pixels. At a same price, a Motorola Moto G4 and Honor 5X offer 1080p screens, that seem utterly a lot sharper.

This shade looks good, yet a fonts next icons seem somewhat pixellated, relating a third-generation Moto G rather than a stream one. we could live with this kind of sharpness, yet this singular fortitude ensures a 1080p 5.5-inch Moto G4 is a many improved gaming and Netflix phone.

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