Why Universities Should Scrap Exams

Since fasten an preparation tech start-up, I’ve detected that there are new ways to develop, guard and consider medical students. For example, it’s now probable for tutors to mount subsequent to a tyro in a hospital or ward, watch them cavalcade a tooth, take blood or plead a supportive matter, and consider them right there, on a spot, recording observations and also jotting down suggestions for improvement, all on an iPad. That can occur day in, day out for three, 4 or 5 years, so that by a finish of a course, we unequivocally do have a finish design of how that tyro is doing opposite a whole operation of skills with all forms of patients. Yes, we can do this arrange of thing on paper, though it’s most easier to analyse a formula if they are fed into an electronic database. You have literally thousands of observations – it’s large information really.

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