Why It’s Troubling That Ivanka Trump Joined in on Her Dad’s Call With Argentina’s President

Mere days after sitting in on her father Donald Trump’s initial unfamiliar tact assembly with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Ivanka Trump has nonetheless again been held blending her father’s business with his presidency.

In an pronounce with The Asahi Shimbun, Argentine President Mauricio Macri suggested on Monday that he spoke with Ivanka during a phone call with a president-elect — that should immediately lift red flags for utterly a few reasons.

To start with, Ivanka fasten in on a call is already discouraging enough, for a same reason it was discouraging when she sat in on a assembly with Abe: Ivanka and her siblings will reportedly be regulating Trump’s businesses in a “blind trust” once he enters office. Her sitting in on these tactful meetings — and presumably conversion their conversations — is reprobate during really best.

But a conditions becomes even shadier once we learn Trump has reportedly been perplexing to start construction of a new Trump Tower in Buenos Aires given 2012. He was never means to get capitulation from a city, however, until mysteriously, after his (and Ivanka’s) phone call with Macri, a president-elect unexpected seemed to get a go-ahead to start construction in 2017, with skeleton to finish a plan before 2020.

And who’s substantially going to be in assign of overseeing all this while Trump is in a White House? You guessed it: Ivanka Trump, a chairman Macri certified to vocalization with on a phone though naming why.

Multiple internal media outlets in Argentina shortly after began stating that Trump had privately asked about a stalled construction permits during his call with Macri, though both of them fast denied it and a media only as fast brushed over it. However, many are still doubtful that a subject of a Buenos Aires Trump Tower wasn’t during slightest broached during a call — or that a call didn’t have some change on a approvals — and Twitter user Susan Simpson (@TheViewFromLL2) has given a flattering consummate and well-cited reason as to why. (It’s long, though good value a read.)

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