Why I Will Never Teach My Mannequin Kids The Mannequin Challenge

Hi. We’ve never met. we don’t get out much. I’m a mannequin.

You’ve substantially listened of, or maybe even participated in, a “mannequin challenge.” It’s where a organisation of people tries to sojourn as still as probable ― like mannequins ― while one chairman annals a video.

This totally scornful and old-fashioned use is nonetheless another instance of probity station still. And that’s since we will never learn my children, my subsequent of manne-kin, a mannequin challenge.

You’re perpetuating a classify that all we mannequins do is mount still in specific poses inanimately. 

You pretend not to pierce ― we was born like this!

I might be humanly-challenged, though I’m not a “challenge” for we and your tellurian friends ― we “movies.” 

To consider that we mannequins are put on arrangement a whole lives, regulating a bodies to sell your wardrobe and valuables ― wardrobe and valuables we ourselves will never possess ― and we humans boil a whole existence down to an internet meme.

Mannequins merit your respect, regardless of where they mount on a issues — or in a window.

We mannequins would never emanate a diversion where we all unexpected beat a arms and legs about, sanctimonious to make pies or change tires or take a pottery category ― we don’t know, whatever it is we skin bags do! 

Don’t travel divided from this review only since you’re uncomfortable! we don’t have that option.

Oh, we were behind me. Sorry, yeah, we can’t pierce my head.

Have we no heart? … No, really, I’m seeking seriously. Other than what we guys gave me, I’m not that informed with tellurian anatomy. They’re in a knees, right, those hearts?

Anyway, it is my wish that mannequin children opposite a creation will grow adult in a universe that sees them as genuine people. And afterwards get freaked out slightly. And afterwards comprehend they are mannequins.

Real mannequins.

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