What is it Like to Have PRK Surgery?

I got PRK finished on any eye, one during a time. Both eyes have been recovering on somewhat opposite timelines, though here’s a ubiquitous experience:

Day 0: The medicine itself is comparatively painless. we would review it to going to a dentist for a cleaning, where we have to distortion still for a certain volume of time and continue a bit of discomfort, though there is no genuine pain. The vital disproportion is that given they are operative on your eye, all is right adult in your face and we can’t unequivocally section out. In fact, they examine your eye open like that stage in Clockwork Orange.

Probably a creepiest partial of a procession was when a alloy private a corneal epithelium. It turns out that “removing a corneal epithelium” is an eye alloy substitution for literally skinning your eyeball with a toothbrush. I could see a little brush relocating behind and onward as it scraped a tip layers of cells of my cornea, though we couldn’t feel anything. This is a vital disproportion between PRK and Lasek and radically what creates a liberation time so opposite between a dual procedures.

After all of this, a tangible laser is a bit anti-climactic. You glance during a immature light for about ten seconds while a garland of other lights peep around it. It’s arrange of like examination that stage during a finish of Space Odyssey.*

Day 1: The day after a surgery, we woke adult with some amiable scratchiness in my eye though that fast went away. we could see flattering well! My “new” eye was during about 80% of a sharpness of my other eye with a hit lens. we got flattering cocky and spent a whole day operative on a computer. “Maybe I’ll be means to go right behind to work tomorrow,” we thought, like a foolish person.

During a day, we went in for a customary post-op checkup. The doctor, after confirming that we didn’t have any oozing infections, suggested me to fill out a medication for Vicodin and valium. He conspicuous not to be bashful about holding them, even before we felt we indispensable them given “typically days 2-4 are a many uncomfortable.” we was skeptical, given we felt great.

Days 2-4: It turns out that a alloy who has finished 20,000 of these procedures indeed knew what he was articulate about. This was a slightest pleasing partial of a liberation routine and it’s what many people protest about when they get this procedure.

It started during a night, between days one and two. we woke adult several times with pain or dryness in my eye. we could usually nap for a integrate hours during a time though carrying to get up, gait around, and put in lots of eye drops.

This prodigy lasted for a subsequent few days. I’ve listened people report it as same to carrying silt in your eyes and we felt that to be flattering accurate. But there would also be occasional durations when a pain became many crook and acute. At times it felt like someone was solemnly poking me in a eye with a sewing needle.

The pain was upsetting though not terrible. It wasn’t as bad as carrying a migraine and it never got so bad that we took a Vicodin. But it positively finished it unfit to go to work or duty in any suggestive way. This was compounded by a fact that my eye was intensely supportive to light. For about three plain days, we did zero though listen to podcasts and audiobooks and gait around a dim unit punching mirrors like Martin Sheen during a commencement of Apocalypse Now.

Days 5-14: Once a strident pain subsided, there were dual vital tools to a recovery. First, was light sensitivity. Over a subsequent integrate weeks, we would have heated bouts of ripping whenever we went outside, even in a Robocop sunglasses they released me after a procedure.** This finished it unreal to expostulate and generally tough to do any outside activities. It was also tough to demeanour during splendid mechanism screens for about a initial week. In fact, for roughly dual weeks, we fundamentally had to keep my sunglasses on all day, even when we was indoors during a office.

The other emanate during this point, besides being bullied during work for wearing sunglasses, was my vision. After a initial day, a prophesy in my influenced eye indeed got worse as it healed and afterwards usually solemnly softened over time. This persisted for about four weeks (see below). In my case, given we got my eyes finished one during a time, we had a outrageous mismatch between my aged eye (which still had a hit lens) and my new eye (which was blurry). we experimented with eye rags though finished adult usually shutting my “new” eye all day when we worked, that isn’t ideal.

Despite all of these inconveniences, we still felt unequivocally propitious that we could drive. we had been prepared to be grounded for a initial few weeks, though this wasn’t a case. In particular, a alloy warned me about night driving, given many people knowledge visual effects that can make it tough to see in those conditions. But ironically, given of my light sensitivity, we found it many easier to expostulate during night than during a day.

It’s also value mentioning that during many of this duration we are still on a fast of eye drops. There are both antibiotic and anti-steroid drops that we take mixed times per day. This was so pardonable compared to a other inconveniences of a liberation that we frequency remembered it months later.

2-5 weeks: After a light attraction died down, we fell into a some-more solid state of recovery. At this point, my eyes felt flattering normal. There would be occasionally attacks of dryness, though we generally felt a same as we did before a surgery.

The categorical emanate during this proviso was how solemnly my prophesy improved. we knew intellectually that it was removing better. But we never felt that way. Every day, it seemed usually as bad as a day before. The biggest outcome we gifted was “ghosting,” where we saw dual versions of all superimposed, though offset. This is treacherous to explain, so we usually drew what it looks like:

To be clear, this outcome was many conspicuous with things like trade lights or difference on a mechanism screen. But it was a consistent and it finished my prophesy unequivocally blurry.

“Ghosting” is unequivocally common in PRK liberation and, according to my doctor, it’s caused by a proxy shallow on your corneal epithelium as it heals unevenly opposite a surface. During my customary post-op checkups a alloy would magnitude my vision. About 3 weeks in, he was flattering assured that we was on my approach to a full liberation and a usually thing obscuring that was this ghosting effect. But to me, my prophesy usually seemed blurry.

For what it’s worth, I’ve review a lot of online journals from PRK patients and this indeed seems to be a many psychologically formidable partial of a recovery. It can feel like your prophesy usually isn’t removing better. And after several weeks, it’s tough not to worry that it simply won’t. we suggest reading some of a journals we couple below. For me, usually meaningful that this was entrance helped me ready for it. we attempted to keep an “eyes on a prize” mentality. The tough partial (pain, wearing sunglasses indoors) was over. Now it was usually about waiting.

6 months later: Six months later, my prophesy is somewhat improved than 20/20 and we don’t have any conspicuous issues with dry eyes. Generally, I’ve been unequivocally happy that we had this surgery. The usually outcome we still notice is a bit of a halo outcome around lights when we am pushing during night. But it’s not many worse than a visual effects my hit lenses used to have with night driving, and it seems to be improving with time.

Some good PRK liberation journals

My PRK Adventure

My PRK Recovery Timeline – Alex Tran

My PRK Journal

*Takeaway- a medicine was radically a Kubrick film marathon. It also kind of reminded me of that stage from RoboCop where they are handling on Murphy and branch him into RoboCop. None of these cinema are comedies.

**No one creates movement cinema these days like Verhoeven did in a 80’s and 90’s. Also they were good movies. Starship Troopers is a classic.

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