Westward Leaning Wants You to Customize Your Sunglasses

If you’ve ever speckled your favorite luminary or travel character star (ahem, Olivia Palermo) in a span of covetable sunglasses that we can’t conduct to lane down, chances are they were substantially custom-designed. Assuming we don’t have all a resources of an A-lister, however, your possess DIY sunnies aren’t accurately easy to come by. But Cali formed sunglasses code Westward Leaning is changing adult a specs game.

The philanthropic-minded association is rising Westward Leaning Custom, a new use that allows business to pattern their possess personalized shades. Shoppers select each fact from a support figure to color, lens, finishes and a inside piece—and includes luxe element options like 18k Gold, antler and Mother of Pearl. It adds adult to a sum of 23,000 opposite singular combinations—meaning there’s a good possibility nobody will ever have a same span of sunglasses as you.

With a new venture, Westward Leaning artistic executive Robert Denning wants to put a energy of pattern into customers’ hands, “With Westward Leaning Custom, a epoch of pattern domination is over, and we’re vehement to share a pattern routine with the different patron base.”

The Westward Leaning Custom sunglasses operation in cost from $205 – $365—you can customize your possess span starting currently during westwardleaning.com.

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