watch the trailer for netflix’s barack obama biopic, ‘barry’ | read | i-D

With only dual months until Barack Obama hands over a keys to a soon to be rebranded Trump White House and Golf Course, what improved impulse to remind yourself of a time a entirely decent male defied a contingency to turn Leader of a Free World.

Portrayed by Australian visitor Devon Terrell, Netflix-produced biopic Barry follows a immature Obama as he arrives as a 20-year-old tyro during Columbia University in a early 1980s. According to a matter expelled by a online streaming service, it will try “a pivotal year in a life of a destiny 44th President of a United States, during that he grown a foundations for his views on race, government, and what it means to be American.”

Directed by VICE on HBO horde and documentary builder Vikram Gandhi, a film premiered to clever reviews during a Toronto International Film Festival progressing this year and will start streaming on Netflix on Dec 16. 

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