Watch Mariah Carey Skillfully Dodge Ellen DeGeneres’s Question About Her Divorce

On a day before Thanksgiving, Mariah Carey is a ideal chairman to move a holiday cheer. The thespian seemed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday in full Christmas mode, rocking a prolonged red dress that she non-stop to betray a plunging black tip and cigarette pants.

“There’s a lot of frolic going on there right now,” a speak uncover horde said, gesturing during her low-cut look. “I try to festivate whenever we can. These are … celebratory,” Carey pronounced of a layered solid necklaces adorning her chest.

“What are we celebrating?” DeGeneres asked. “Life, and wearing diamonds,” a Vegas performer jokingly responded.

They’re on my uncover tomorrow. @MariahCarey

A video posted by Ellen (@theellenshow) on Nov 22, 2016 during 5:48pm PST

DeGeneres went on to ask about her new show, Mariah’s World, and if it gives fans a loyal clarity of who Mariah truly is. “Do we see a genuine Mariah? Do we consider that there’s a genuine Mariah …” a horde asked. “That we’re missing?” Carey picked up. “I don’t consider you are. we consider that when we come here I’m flattering most myself, though not everybody might indispensably see those episodes.”

“I don’t know. Yeah, there’s a side of me that people are going to be … we don’t know what people think! It’s like when people ask we what’s a biggest myth about you, do we even know how to answer that question?” Carey said, revelation DeGeneres that she tries to stay divided from a tabloids.

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But there’s one thing that Carey is staying silent about: her new separate from fiancé James Packer. “You were perplexing on marriage dresses in a docuseries, we see a behind-the-scenes of that, that is flattering personal,” DeGeneres says, adding that Packer appears in a show.

“Now it’s a whole freaking thing,” Carey responds. “I consider I’m doing well. How are you?” she asked, deflecting a courtesy divided from her breakup.

When pulpy further, a thespian done it transparent that she wasn’t prepared to get into a sum of her split. “Everything happens for a reason. Things are a approach they are,” she said. “It’s kind of formidable to speak about during this moment, so I’m only going to enrich we on these decorations once again since they are fanciful and I’m here among them.”

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Talk about an consultant swerve. Watch a video above.

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