Watch How Excited Shep Smith Gets About ChapStick

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith has a problem with dry lips.

During an Election Day promote alongside Chris Wallace, Smith picked adult his ChapStick from a building on live television.

“What are we doing?” Wallace asked him.

“I forsaken my ChapStick. we gotta have a ChapStick,” Smith responded.

Wallace detonate out laughing.

“Should we leave it on a building for someone else to collect up?”Smith asked.

“Well, we don’t know ― or we could have waited til a break,” Wallace offered.

“I need it. It’s ChapStick,” Smith insisted.

“You have a ChapStick fetish, don’t you?” Wallace said.

Pfizer, a mega-corporation that creates ChapStick, apparently saw an event in Smith’s friendship to a mouth balm. The association sent him a box full of ChapStick that Smith showed off to Wallace during his afternoon news hour on Friday.

“Guess what came in a mail today?” Smith asked Wallace, as he non-stop a package from Pfizer.

“You contingency be happy with that ChapStick fetish. You’ve gotta be like a pig in slop,” Wallace exclaimed.

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