Trump Is Our President-elect: It’s Time For Action!

Trump’s height is fear-inducing, generally for those with non-dominant identities in this republic (for example, people other than cisgendered, heterosexual white males). A brief list includes: undocumented immigrants and Muslims fear being deported, Black people fear a military being some-more empowered to kill us, victims of passionate attack fear entrance forward, women fear a fast obscure potion ceiling, infirm people fear they might not be famous as tellurian and mocked, and let’s not even start on Pence’s beliefs on acclimatisation therapy and a implications for a LGBTQ+ community. We also commend that fear maintains a standing quo, since being fearful can be paralyzing, and stoppage leads to inaction. We select transformation over fear.

We are 4 friends. Three of us are Black women with a podcast called HellaBlackHellaSeattle, and we use a height to deliberately emanate village and prominence people of tone who mostly go neglected in a really white city. As a fourth, we am a white lady dedicated to running white people in bargain a profoundly rough impact of white payoff in people’s bland lives. Our relations began over twenty years ago, we adore any other, and a common thought is to make this universe a better, some-more thorough place, even in a face of a imminent Trump presidency. Again, we select action.

We have identified 4 required stairs to relocating brazen and harnessing a particular and common group in sequence to stay on march towards an estimable landscape.

1. Harness your Power and Agency.

People of Color: We are strong. We merit equality. We need to continue to build ourselves adult notwithstanding being pushed down.

white people: We are powerful. We have a strongest voice in a nation, and need to use that amicable and domestic banking to light equality. Hoarding a payoff is a malignant Gollum move, and who wants to demeanour that bad? He never found happiness.

Collectively: We contingency combine and move a best and bravest selves. We can’t do this alone in self-segregated groups notwithstanding a robe of doing so. We contingency form a vicious mass to make equity relevant.

2. Recognize how we Contributed to This.

People of Color: All we people that suspicion we didn’t have a voice? Hi. Maybe we bought into your opinion not counting, or a thought that your voice isn’t valued in this country. It is, though not when it’s a whisper. If we cruise that your onslaught is individual, we are personification into Trump’s diversion of order and conquer.

white people: Despite a best magnanimous intentions, we were socialized in a inequitable world. This means that most of a actions, however subconscious, are inequitable opposite non-white people. This doesn’t make us evil, it is not a particular faults that we have schooled a fabrication that we are some-more honourable of amiability than others. That said, a shortcoming is to miscarry and commend when a actions are congruous with Trump’s horrible meditative even when we’re wearing a reserve pin.

Collectively: We need to make some sound together. We can’t fort down in a apart amicable probity causes anymore. The “I’m looking out for me and mine” opinion has led to a genocide of inland people, slavery, a Holocaust, Japanese internment camps, a aroused deportation of honourable immigrants, assault opposite women, mass incarnation, military brutality, and a list goes on. Thanks to Trump, we can see a commonality in a struggle. Black Lives Matter is women’s rights― is inland rights―is LGBTQ+ rights, we get a idea. Each of a movements deserves respect, earthy and psychological safety, access, visibility, and freedom. We need a common movement.

3. Speak Up. Speak Simply.

Be honest, someone’s got to be uncomfortable. If you’re worried as we are championing justice, that’s okay, that’s improved than not vocalization adult and violence yourself adult about it afterwards. Don’t censor behind crotchety lingo that confuses others about your beliefs. That’s divisive. Speak simply, and pronounce your truth.

4. Cultivate Conversations and Community.

People of Color: Many of us no longer have communities or spaces to come together to applaud a culture, connect, and correlate with any other. We have instead combined a practical village where we can share a thoughts and views with other POC . That needs to be extended into genuine life, no longer will we censor behind a practical personas as we have to start to have these tough conversations face to face.

white People: It’s critical we spend time with other whites to build a village of resistance. White affinity groups are spaces where we can try a impacts of white payoff on a communities and start to take tenure for a possess purpose in change making. These are spaces where we do not weight POC with a white guilt, though instead, we reason any other accountable. They can be a absolute height to empty a power-laden identities, and cruise a implications of those identities in a Trump nation, job for action.

Collectively: We contingency listen to any other. We contingency trust any other. We can not one-up any other. We are all in this. It’s been pronounced before though it’s value observant again until we entirely realize, that we contingency be a change. Let’s hint a fire and continue to feed it. There can be no apart square to truly find common peace.

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