Trailblazing Women: Heidi S. Messer, Co-Founder & Chairman of Collective[i]

Ms. Messer served as a house member, President and Chief Operating Officer of LinkShare until a sale to Rakuten(4755:JASDAQ) for $425 million in 2005. Ms. Messer is a visit orator during conferences around a universe and universities on entrepreneurship, digital selling and advertising, business comprehension and a destiny of Internet services. She has been cited in several publications including, a New York Times, a Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, Vogue, a NY Post, The Nikkei, Women’s Wear Daily and Chief Executive Magazine. Ms. Messer has also seemed on inhabitant radio and radio programs including a Today Show, Rock Center with Brian Williams, Business Talk Radio, ABC News, CNBC, Fox News, CBS Morning News and a Fox Morning Show.

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