Trailblazing Women: Clara Gaymard, Co-founder of Raise (Private Equity firm & Foundation), President of Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society

As a woman, each day is a fight. Now during RAISE we have finish gender parity, though via my whole career in a open and private sector, we was a usually lady in meetings, trafficked usually with men. The work and business side is not difficult for women, it’s a tiny speak during cooking and lunch, where group speak about football, cars etc that can make we feel like an intruder. Even when they do their best to make we feel gentle in a conversation, we are still opposite to them. Women have to pull to have some-more women on their team, so we can share what matters to us, be supposed and have some-more fun! Women tend to work too hard, perplexing to be a best and group seem to have some-more fun during work! we consider it is critical for women to tell group when they are make them feel uncomfortable, since mostly group don’t realize they have harm the feelings. Let them know how their poise creates we feel, in a non-conflictual approach eg ‘you see it this way, know that can hurt/upset me’.

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