Tips To Survive Thanksgiving In Post-Election Turmoil

This past weekend, President-elect Donald Trump, tweeted, “The museum contingency always be a safe… place,” and indicted a expel of a Broadway show, Hamilton of carrying “harassed” Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who was in a assembly a night before. The occurrence to that Trump referred was a post-show screen speech, in that actor, Brandon Victor Dixon, addressed Pence directly and open-heartedly asked him to cruise a rights and freedoms not usually of a different people on theatre though also of those all opposite a nation who feel impossibly unsafe due to Trump and Pence’s proposals–which distinguish opposite women, Mexicans, Muslims, and a LGBT communities–not to discuss a unfortunate news of Trump appointing group who ratify white nationalist/ supremacist ideologies to his cabinet, and refusing to rescind a neo-nazi groups who have embraced him.

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