This Teenager’s In A Bit Of A Situation After Spending $733 At Sephora

“Every lady in a universe who is a makeup hoarder has this Sephora basket filled with things they don’t indispensably need,” 15-year-old Alex Dello explains in a viral video posted to Twitter. “Just, like, palettes and things that they want. So yeah, we have a Sephora basket of things that we want. $733 value of things that we want.”

Girl, we hear you. But there’s one problem.

She entered a present label formula for a purchase, though there was zero on it. Since she has her mom’s credit label on file, her whole basket got charged to it. Dello called Sephora patron support and asked it to cancel a order, though hasn’t listened back. Now, she awaits her mom’s wrath.

“I texted my mom and now we wait for possibly my genocide or a unequivocally good makeup haul,” she says. “If my lady Theresa doesn’t lift by and cancel this order, there’s not usually gonna be a credit label rascal case, there’s gonna be a carnage case. Marsha’s gonna get me.”

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