These Cauliflower-Like Formations Could Be Evidence Of Past Alien Life On Mars

The figure of a silica formations found in a dried were identical to a ones found on Mars, according to a study. 

They also matched silica formations found in Yellowstone National Park and Taupo Volcanic Zone, both of that were combined from microbial life.

“The fact that microbes play a purpose in producing a particular silica structures during El Tatio raises a probability that a Martian silica structures shaped in a allied demeanour — in other difference with a assistance of organisms that were alive during a time,” Ruff said.

NASA is set to send a new corsair to Mars in 2020, though a end is nonetheless to be determined.

Ruff and Farmer are now job on NASA to collect Home Plate as a alighting site.

Though it’s now usually second on a list of candidates, their investigate could shake things up.

Ruff added: “We know accurately where to land and where to go collect samples. And a silica structures found by Spirit accommodate a clarification of a intensity biosignature.

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