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During a nearby 30-year lifespan as a longest using sitcom in American history, The Simpsons has likely unequivocally many things: Super Bowl matchups, a appearance of Farmville, and, many famously, Donald Trump’s successful presidential bid. “Bart to a Future” — an part that debuted in 2000 — not usually forecasted Trump’s extraordinary win, it also some-more or reduction nailed a electoral map (and his campaign’s striking design).

During final night’s episode, Simpsons writers responded to their 16-year-old anticipation in Bart’s chalkboard gag. “Being right sucks,” a usually Simpson son scribbled on a Springfield Elementary chalkboard.

“It’s unequivocally disorienting and scary,” The Simpsons‘s longtime author James L. Brooks told IndieWire of a show’s correctness final week. “I’ve gifted someone we don’t determine with apropos president, though we never had a impulse where we believed that a nation wasn’t going to be a same. I’m giving myself pep talks to not disappear into grief and disillusionment.” Back in March, “Bart to a Future” author Dan Greaney told The Hollywood Reporter a Trump anticipation was, “a warning to America” that “seemed like a judicious final stop before attack bottom.”

But The Simpsons had been warning American viewers about a domestic climb of hurtful businessmen prolonged before it called Trump by name. In “Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish” — a deteriorate dual part that aired in Nov 1990 — Mr. Burns faces $56 million in fines for his poisonous chief plant’s litany of environmental violations. Rather than profitable a fines and improving a planet’s health, he runs for administrator opposite obligatory Democrat Mary Bailey so that he competence change a laws to work in his favor. Bailey is during initial well-liked, though Burns derides her credit with a infamous allegation debate and appeals to electorate formed on his dubious wealth. Fortunately, Marge deftly foils Burns’s tract before Springfield elects a meridian change-denying oligarch.

If there is any china backing to The Simpsons‘s prediction, it’s that “Bart to a Future” depicts Lisa as a heir of Trump’s presidency. “As we know, we’ve hereditary utterly a bill break from President Trump,” Lisa tells her cabinet, that includes Secretary Van Houten, who informs Madame President, “We’re broke.” Also, in “Pygmolian” — the deteriorate 11 part that aired a week before “Bart to a Future” — The Simpsons done a bid for “A Gay President in 2084.” We’ll see. 

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