The Same Old, Same Old is Not Working for Those Who Experience Domestic Violence

Pets are partial of a family, though many domestic assault shelters can’t accommodate them. We satisfied it was critical that we assistance women and group who have gifted domestic assault keep as most of their family together as possible. So in 2015, in partnership with a Lost Our Home Pet Foundation and PetSmart (which helped account a module in a startup phase), we non-stop a Sojourner Center Pet Companion Shelter, located on a same campus where we yield preserve and services to women and children. Now, we work a preserve that provides caring for a pets of women who find shelter, as good as workforce willingness and pet therapy for a women and children staying in a shelter. Since a inception, a Sojourner Pet Companion Shelter has demonstrated that when we yield a protected place for exposed pets, we can make stronger and some-more successful interventions in a lives of women, children and group pang abuse.

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