The New "Gilmore Girls" Is Strangely Fixated On Rory’s Underwear

With a tiny 6 days remaining until a rarely expected Gilmore Girls: A Year in a Life finally arrives in a Netflix queue, a streaming hulk has expelled a new trailer to smooth a self-evident appetites.

While a new trailer does underline a few pieces of footage we were propitious adequate to already see in a initial preview (released final month), it’s also crowded of delightfully new, fast-talking footage involving child butlers, unnoticed millennials vivid city meetings, Rory’s now notoriously blank underwear, and, of course, coffee. Because as Rory announces during a beginning, “It’s showtime!”

Rory is still stressed about her weak wanderings; Jess, Dean, and Logan are still giving a camera some smoldering side-eye; and Emily is still perplexing to figure out what life binds for her but Richard. The girls Gilmore are still grouping thriving amounts of takeout, most to Luke’s chagrin, and all things still revolve around coffee.

But there’s also a humorous new method involving Lorelai and Rory sprawled opposite a span of grass chairs while tiny children wait on them and some new footage of favorite aged friends Paris (“Were we ever so young?” she asks Rory as a dual travel by a aged Chilton halls) and Lane (“Always.”). Taylor, Miss Pattie, and Babette are all back, while Jess is also a usually one of Rory’s 3 former abandon to have any lines in a preview — #TeamJess, go forward and review into that what we will.

But what does it all mean? Best fan theories aside, we’ll only have to wait until subsequent Friday to find out for sure.

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