The ‘Hell No’ Caucus: Some Democrats May Not Work With Donald Trump At All

WASHINGTON ― Democratic leaders in Congress pronounced this week that if they can find common belligerent with President-elect Donald Trump, they’re peaceful to work with him. But during slightest a few House Democrats contend they won’t work with Trump on anything, or that they’re tighten to holding that tough approach.

“There’s zero there,” Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.) told The Huffington Post on Thursday. “He doesn’t use appetite properly.”

Gallego pronounced Trump has caused too most repairs with his horrible tongue for him to be means to work with or trust him. Even collaborating on Democratic priorities would usually commission a president-elect to do other things that Democrats resolutely oppose, he argued.

“While we might be means to pass an infrastructure bill, he’s going to use that appetite to pull his racist, hypocritical bulletin on a other end,” Gallego said.

He pronounced there are others in his congress who devise to exclude any team-work with a president-elect, though he wouldn’t name names or contend how many. “More than we can count on one hand,” he said.

Rep. Katherine Clark (D-Mass.) pronounced she needs explanation that Trump can arise to a turn of a bureau of a presidency before she can dedicate to operative with him. He’s not off to a good start in her eyes, with his choice of Breitbart News executive authority Steve Bannon as a comparison White House adviser. Bannon led a website as it became a height for a white jingoist “alt-right” movement, and his appointment drew regard from former Ku Klux Klan personality David Duke.

“The indications are that Donald Trump does not devise to live adult to be a boss for all Americans,” Clark said. “I find that a concerning initial step.”

“I’m not observant I’m going to work with a guy, I’m not observant I’m not going to work with him,” she added. “But I’ll tell we this: we have a healthy, not usually sip of skepticism, though fear that he is going to continue with those themes, formed on his appointment of Steve Bannon.”

Democratic lawmakers are in a pickle. They’ve got Trump in a White House for a subsequent 4 years and subsequent to no precedence in Congress, that is totally underneath GOP control. One of a few splendid spots is that Trump is a furious card, and he’s singled out a few priorities ― investments in rebuilding roads and highways, lifting a smallest salary and trade deals ― that ring with Democrats. So they can possibly try to organisation adult with him on those areas, and potentially tyrannise some Republicans in a process, or quarrel him on all he does.

Progressive groups are pressuring Democrats to reject Trump outright. “MoveOn to Democrats: No Collaboration With Trump’s Hate,” reads a theme line of a Thursday email with a sardonic matter from a grassroots group, released after Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) signaled a eagerness to work with a president-elect in some areas.

“It is unsuitable for Democratic care to normalize Trump and combine with him so prolonged as he continues his bigotry, hatred, and division,” pronounced MoveOn executive executive Ilya Sherman. “Requiring grassroots progressives to obstruct their appetite to holding Democrats accountable would be a critical mistake.”

Some on-going lawmakers are perplexing to keep an open mind. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), who is using to lead a Democratic National Committee subsequent year, pronounced he’s peaceful to “take a clever look” during Trump’s ideas that assistance operative families.

It’s only that he’s not optimistic.

“That’s not that debate he ran, and we don’t consider that’ll be a administration he leads,” Ellison said. “The President-elect ran on deporting millions of people, building a wall on a Mexican border, obscure taxes on a super-rich, and banning Muslims from entering a country. If he governs a approach he campaigned, I’ll be a initial station in his way.”

Similarly, Rep. John Sarbanes (D-Md.) pronounced he’s “not going to reject” something Trump proposes if it aligns with Democratic priorities.

“But I would contend altogether that that will come opposite a backdrop of us being rightly, fairly, justifiably really doubtful of a things he’s about to do,” he said. “And prepared to conflict them.”

Paul Blumenthal contributed reporting.

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