the heathers reboot will star original heather shannen doherty | read | i-D

Lick it adult baby! Following news that cult teen classic Heathers is getting a LGBT-friendly TV reboot, Shannen Doherty has taken to Instagram to endorse her involvement. The OG teen shade black posted a BTS design of herself in character, red scrunchie in place. “Jealous much?” pronounced a caption. Um, yes.

While small information been offering about a array or Shannen’s role, TV Land have reliable that she plays a “pivotal unnamed character”. If we expel your mind behind to the bizarre movie, Shannen’s impression was a usually Heather who never got to wear a scrunchie (which was final seen with Veronica, played masterfully by Winona Ryder). And the differences don’t finish there. The remake will reportedly underline a African-American lesbian, a masculine who identifies as gender-queer and a Heather who’s described as “having a physique like Martha Dumptruck”. Welcome to Heathers 2.0.

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