The Asian Version Of ‘Magic Mike’ Will Set Stereotypes On Fire

Asian group are damn sexy. Unfortunately, according to research, a lot of people don’t see it that way.

A 2014 investigate showed that Asian group have a many difficulty locking down a date on a site OKCupid compared with other secular groups. And in a 2015 survey, Asians couldn’t even mangle a tip 10 rankings for a sexiest nationalities for group in a world.

Hollywood doesn’t help, either, with Asians representing customarily 3.9 percent of vocalization roles in film, TV or digital media. When they are cast, Asian group are customarily placed in frustratingly racist or stereotypical roles.

But one brief film aims to change all that with a sexy, sweaty, charming expel of ― you’ve guessed it ― Asian men.  

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