Thanksgiving. Fragile. Handle with Care.

The smorgasboard was in a dining room, and people took their plates into a vital room that usually days before had hold my Mom’s open casket, something we usually could not un-see; though we tried, and a voice in my conduct usually kept calming me that Mom had usually stepped out of a room.

Now 21 years after so many that we would see or have a review with over a Thanksgiving holiday are gone. While we energy by a dishes and a traditions, infrequently we go to a darker place when a pumpkin pie, crushed potatoes or immature beans are not a same as a gloomy childhood memory that maybe usually we have remembered. By focusing on a tiny stuff, we can equivocate looking during a bigger picture, that can be too tough to accept. we get that. So with several people now blank from my Thanksgivings, a tiny things do bug me since a large things can usually be so damn tough to see, too unpleasant to let it in. we still bewail teasing my mom for not doing Thanksgiving a approach they portrayed on TV, and now we wished maybe we respected her for her implausible approach of producing an unmatched, family meal. While we did not know a area of her efforts or a blessings, we do now. If sky can hear, we am so beholden for what is so apparent today.

I consider of my children who baked bruise cake with a dear crony Elizabeth each Thanksgiving. Before she died, she speedy me about Less Cancer. “William, if we don’t do it, who will?” She was moving for all who knew her and we still find myself removing weepy about her now years later. While many share that clarity of loss, we need to go into Thanksgiving with open hearts. For some of us a routine is complicated, and it might be a time of holding hands and holding on.

On this Thanksgiving, we consider of all those we adore and their many waste – parents, children, siblings and dear friends. we consider of those who might have tiny hope, damaged hearts or who might be confronting homelessness and hunger. we am beholden and know my many blessings, though like many of us, also need to be some-more understanding, some-more inexhaustible and some-more open.

Sometimes unlawful tables, burnt food or even indigestion can remind us not to persperate a tiny sum though to take in a large design with thankfulness instead of sorrow.

I am praying for all of us and promulgation a tellurian competition my Thanksgiving love, for we are all frail and need to be rubbed with care.

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