Take A 360-Degree Tour Of An Eye Hospital Curing Blindness At 30k Feet

To assistance serve believe about a craft and a goal Orbis have consecrated a special 360-degree debate that is narrated by Oscar nominated actor Djimon Hounsou.

The mutated MD10 is a marvel of engineering and efficiency, cramming a outrageous series of comforts into a space remarkably compact. 

On house you’ll find:

  • A 46-seat Classroom
  • Administration Room
  • Audiovisual/IT Room – so surgery, filmed and promote in 3D, can be streamed
  • Laser Treatment Room, with a deluge simulator training machine
  • Observation Area
  • Operating Room
  • Sterilisation Room
  • Recovery Room

The judgment of a Flying Eye Hospital has been going given 1982 when Orbis launched their initial ever converted DC8 aircraft.

In that time their elaborating swift of aircraft have visited over 78 countries and in a final 5 years alone a prior aircraft and a other comforts have lerned over 100,000 doctors, nurses and biomedical engineers.

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