So, Kylie Jenner Gave Tyga Naughty Cupcakes For His B-day

This story was creatively published on Nov 18.

Tyga is branch 27 on Saturday and Kylie Jenner motionless to chuck him an early warn birthday celebration with a assistance of his son, King Cairo. To celebrate, Jenner invited over a few of their friends, and systematic a lot of honeyed treats. There was a unchanging ol’ birthday cake that Tyga blew out with a assistance of King, and afterwards were these infrequently amorous cupcakes, specifically selected by Jenner herself.

The cupcakes were utterly singular and on-brand for a couple. They featured butts and breasts done out of icing. Jenner common videos of a unpretentious celebration on Snapchat, and in one of them Tyga is suggestively touching one of a boundary cupcakes. He says, “Gotta make it demeanour real. Gotta squash it a small bit.” To that Jenner audibly gasps and says “Babeeeee.” Because, we all know a Kardashians butts are all REAL! The nerve.

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