Should You Avoid Buying Too-Soft Sweaters?

Nothing beats a friendly cashmere sweater during a winter. From a gentle fit to a autarchic softness, a cold-weather tack is a wardrobe essential for all. When it comes to selling for a sweater, however, it’s critical to be committed and keep in mind a handful of discipline to equivocate splurging on a low-quality cashmere. 

Racked pennyless down a dos and don’ts of sweater shopping, and one tip held a attention. Softness is something we tend to associate with quality, though Cuyana co-founder Shilpa Shah explains aloft class cashmere isn’t indispensably silky-soft. “In existence with cashmere, a improved cashmere is not super soothing to touch. It softens over time.” Shah adds that some brands overwash a chronicle to give it that lived-in density consumers adore and associate with luxury.

Racked advises consumers to “beware of anything additional hairy or crazy super soothing during a time of purchase. This could be a pointer of over-washing.” And there we have it—fluffy density isn’t always a good thing. 

Read some-more about how to emporium for cashmere sweaters during Racked, and keep scrolling to emporium a picks during varying cost points.

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