Selena Gomez Returns To Social Media To Reflect On ‘Being Enough’

In August, Gomez canceled a residue of her Revival tour to concentration on her health. She has battled lupus ― an autoimmune disease that causes a body’s defence complement to conflict a possess hankie and organs, according to a Mayo Clinic ― for over a year, and suspicion it was time for a much-needed hiatus.

“As many of we know, around a year ago we suggested that we have lupus, an illness that can impact people in opposite ways. I’ve detected that anxiety, panic attacks and basin can be side effects of lupus, that can benefaction their possess challenges,” Gomez told People during a time. “I wish to be active and concentration on progressing my health and complacency and have motionless that a best approach brazen is to take some time off.

“Thank we to all my fans for your support. You know how special we are to me, though we need to face this conduct on to safeguard we am doing all probable to be my best. we know we am not alone by pity this, we wish others will be speedy to residence their possess issues.” 

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