Samir Dasgupta, Bengal Cricket’s Longest Serving Manager, Dies at 74

Bengal cricket companionship was on Wednesday left in a state of startle during remarkable passing of their longest portion manager Samir Dasgupta.

Dasgupta suffered large cardiac arrest. He is survived by his mother and dual daughters.

The 74-year-old, who had accompanied Bengal Ranji group compartment their compare opposite Tamil Nadu in Rajkot from Nov 13-16.

From Rajkot, Bengal were travelling to Lahli though Dasgupta’s health run-down and he returned to Kolkata from Mumbai. He was certified to a Kolkata sanatorium on Nov 19. “He suffered a cardiac detain around 6.40am currently during a RN Tagore Hospital and breathed his last,” his son-in-law told PTI from his Baranagar residence.

Gentleman to a core, a soft-spoken Dasgupta had usually won friends and simply a many renouned Bengal group manager. During one deteriorate (209-10), a CAB had allocated Rusi Jejeebhoy as a manager though a organisation knew that players wanted Dasgupta back. He was behind during subsequent season.

The vice-president of East Bengal, Dasgupta served a bar during opposite capacities including being a cricket secretary and had roped in Sachin Tendulkar and Kapil Dev to play for a red-and-gold during a P Sen Trophy, 1992.

Never had Eden Gardens seen tighten to 50,000 people for a bar diversion with Sachin and Kapil personification for East Bengal and Javagal Srinath representing Mohun Bagan. It was probable since of Dasgupta, who has also been internal manager of Indian team.

A former CAB partner secretary, Dasgupta went on to turn a most-sought after manager of a a comparison group and hold a position during their final dual important performances – in 2005-06 and 06-07 Ranji Trophy when they finished runners-up.

A diabetic though Dasgupta would always lift boxes of candy with him and hail each cricketer in his special fondly manner.

“We would always get candy from him. During winters he would give us ‘Nalengurer rosogolla’. He was such a peaceful essence someone who would always make we grin with his certain vibes,” former Bengal captain Rohan Gavaskar fondly recalls.

“There came a time when junk dishes like candy and pizzas were criminialized though we knew where to get it, and we would conduct true to Samirda’s room,” former Bengal captain incited commentator Deep Dasgupta said.

He serve combined how he went out of his approach to arrange things out, be it laundry, room or a tickets.

“He was one of a friendliest administrators a competition has ever seen. Be it a DA, arranging a hotel or creation certain of a laundry, he will go out of his approach to safeguard that a actor is in a comfort zone, giveaway from any hassle. It’s a personal detriment for me,” a captain of a Bengal Ranji runners-up said.

The wicketkeeper batsman also removed how Samir da as he was affectionately called played an instrumental purpose in moulding his career when he was sealed by him to play for East Bengal during his under-17 days.

CAB corner secretary Avishek Dalmiya said:”I’ve famous him from a time of my father. He has always served a organisation tirelessly. Besides being an consultant in male management, he was a comfortable and honest tellurian being. His remarkable and black genocide is many unfortunate, and has left us grief-stricken.”

“May his family get a bravery to understanding with this tragedy,” Avishek pronounced in his upraise message.

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