Reddit CEO Admits To Editing User Comments That Criticized Him

“Pizzagate” refers to a debunked swindling speculation claiming, among other things, that Hillary Clinton ran a child-trafficking ring out of a Washington, D.C., pizza place. (The pizza place is real; a rest of a story is fabricated.) Reddit close down r/pizzagate, a forum clinging to deliberating a conspiracy, progressing this week. Some users took to r/the_donald to demonstrate their exasperation with a preference and, by extension, with Huffman.

The CEO’s admission means that when some users done adverse comments about him regulating his username, he transposed his username with one belonging to a judge for a group. For example, an archived chronicle of a site shows that a criticism saying “FUCK /u/spez” was altered to “FUCK /u/Trumpshaker.”

According to Huffman’s post, a change usually lasted for an hour and all changes have given been corrected.

Unsurprisingly, many Reddit users were not happy to learn that a company’s CEO was privately modifying their content. Some called it reprobate and pronounced that it could put a firmness of any calm posted to Reddit into question.

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